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This bundle includes the following:-

*1x 100ml CBD Body Oil 200mg
*1x CBD Spray 500mg
*1x CHILL Tea
*1x CBD Bath Salts 50mg

CBD Relieve - 100ml CBD Body Oil 200mg
The CBD Relieve Body Oil contains 200mg of CBD blended with a selection of naturally soothing ingredients including Essential Aromatherapy Oils, Jojoba Oil and MCT Oil designed to revitalise, reinvigorate and restore. Using only organically grown hemp, this body oil is pesticide and solvent free and it contains zero THC and has a wonderfully pleasant scent

The essential oils present are commonly used to aid with muscle relaxation, mainly providing relief for restless legs and aching muscles. Another common use for a body oil is for post workout / sports recovery, especially when massaged into the skin

Recommended Use:
Apply on the skin liberally as required
(It is advised to test a small amount on the skin before applying all over.)
For external use only


CBD Relieve - 10ml CBD Spray 500mg

We use MCT oil as the carrier in all of our full spectrum oral tinctures. MCT oil is transported immediately from the stomach to the liver and broken down very efficiently and also do not convert into body fat. This is why MCT oil is the perfect carrier for our tinctures!

The colour of this hemp oil is golden brown and there is a slight earthiness to the taste. We recommend to have a few sips of a drink after leaving the liquid under your tongue to avoid being left with a slight aftertaste

Apply 1 spray under the tongue for sublingual absorption. Try to keep the CBD liquid under the tongue for 60 seconds. Follow this procedure once or twice daily (we recommend 1 spray, once or twice daily)

The 10ml bottle contains approximately 70 sprays of liquids which therefore provides a 70 day supply based on an application of 1 spray per day and a 35 day supply based on 2 sprays per day.

Approximately 50mg CBD per 1ml of liquid


CBD Relieve - CHILL Tea (15pcs)

We have blended our natural phytocannabinoid rich hemp with premium quality & organic Chamomile to provide the ultimate bedtime brew. Our tea’s work symbiotically with the body’s ECS and you’ll love the taste!

*15x Premium pyramid bags.
*Each teabag can be used 3-4 times
*Approx 2% - 3% CBD & CBG
*Premium mesh pyramid bags


THC Free


CBD Relieve - Bath Salts 50mg
Our 175g / 50mg CBD infused bath salts have been designed for the ultimate relaxation experience. 50mg of CBD has been combined with Dead Sea Salts, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts and Essential Oils to create the perfect solution to help you unwind. 
Whether you choose to use this after a long day at work, after a gym session or just because you want to wind down for the night, this will take your bath time to the next level. The scent alone will make you feel like you are having a spa day so relax and let all of the amazing ingredients soak into your pores
Recommended Use:
Apply either half a packet or a full packet to your bath (dependant on the size of you bath)




CBD Relieve was founded back in 2016 and is now one of the leading brands of CBD products in the UK. CBD Relieve can be found in over 200 vape shops, beauty salons, independent pharmacies & wellness centres across the UK. All products are made using hemp which has been sourced from EU approved hemp farms.  
All products are produced in an ISO 5 laboratory and comply with the legal THC limit in UK which is below 0.02%. Full test reports can found via the 'Test Reports' tab on our homepage which confirms how much CBD is present in each product and that they comply with the legal THC limit to give you peace of mind that you get what you pay for 
(Beware of brands that don't provide test reports as this could indicate that what is in the bottle isn't accurate) 
PLEASE NOTE: CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle