About Us

CBD Relieve was founded back in September 2016. After researching the market extensively and after numerous visits / meetings with experts and suppliers in the USA, we knew we had to introduce this product to the UK market as soon as possible. We then teamed up with an elite group of CBD specialists and manufacturers in order to develop and grow the CBD Relieve range.We are currently stocked in nearly 200 stores across the UK alone, we have franchises in Ireland and stockist in a few countries across Europe. We have used our 15+ years of retail experience to build the brand and we know that by offering a premium quality product at the right price coupled with fantastic customer service is the right way to take the industry by storm!We currently boast over 40 different types of CBD Products and the range now consists of the following:-

  • CBD E-Liquids (100mg | 200mg | 300mg & 500mg)
  • CBD Vape Kits (80mg)
  • CBD Vape Cartridges (80mg)
  • CBD Disposable Vape Pods (100mg)
  • CBD Oral Tinctures (175mg | 500mg | 1000mg | 2000mg & 3000mg)
  • CBD Rich Syringes (92% Total CBD)
  • CBD Sprays (500mg & 1000mg)
  • CBD Capsules (300mg & 600mg)
  • CBD Body Oils (50mg & 200mg)
  • CBD Body Lotions (50mg & 500mg)
  • CBD Hand Moisturisers (50mg)
  • CBD Body Balms (1000mg)
  • CBD Bath Salts (50mg)
  • CBD Bath Bombs (3 Varieties | 50mg)
  • CBD Tea Range (4 Flavours | 2% - 3% per teabag)
  • CBD Pure Crystal Isolate (1g)
  • CBD Milk Chocolate (300mg)
  • CBD Sour Belts (300mg)
  • CBD Honey Sticks (10mg)

We are also privileged to have been selected to be the exclusive UK distributor for Vón Leef CBD and we have the following products available:-

  • CBD E-Liquids (500mg & 750mg)
  • CBD Oral Drops (100mg & 250mg)
  • CBD 2 in 1 Liquid (Suitable for vaping and oral consumption - 500mg)
  • CBD Lip Balm (50mg)
  • CBD Muscle Rub (50mg)
  • CBD Muscle Oil (50mg)

We currently have 4 dedicated CBD Relieve outlets across the UK and can be found at the following locations:-

  • The Hardshaw Shopping Centre - St Helens
  • Belle Vale Shipping Centre - Liverpool
  • The Piazza Shopping Centre - Paisley
  • The Kingsgate Shopping Centre - Dunfermline

We aim to open even more dedicated kiosks and will continue to develop / introduce new products and work closely with customers in order to bring through in demand products which the mass consumer desires.#believeinrelieve